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    Bearfields Gammon

    For over 100 hundred years and five generations, from a small grocery store in East London, the Bearfield family have been producing award-winning traditional hams and gammons from our BRC AA grade accredited premises in East London. We utilise tried and tested traditional curing methods to produce distinctive flavour and consistent high quality and texture in all our cooked hams and gammon products.



    All of our smoked gammons and hams are prepared in a traditional kiln smoke oven using proper wood chips including Applewood, Beech, Oak and Cherry.

    We hang all of our hams and gammons by hand, light a fire and leave them in our smoker for up to 8 hours. Years of experience tell us when the meat is ready, when the colour looks right the taste will be just right as well.

    Each evening the wood chips are prepared to our special and secret recipes ready for the next day’s smoking. We smoke bacon, gammons, hams, loins and chops and deliver them to your door full of our unique flavour.



    Curing is where pork becomes gammon or ham. Our cures are well over 100 years old, in fact we have been curing pork since 1907.

    We introduce a selection of ingredients for flavour and preservation. The flavour remains true to the original although we have tweaked the cures over the decades to suit modern machinery and ever evolving food safety standards.

    We use modern wet curing techniques using some of the most sophisticated technology in the world as well as more traditional curing techniques that involves nothing more than a pair of hands, experience, salt and a bag.

    No matter what the technique we use, we always manage to pack flavour into the product whilst being sympathetic to salt levels and standards such as Red Tractor, BMPA, RSPCA and BRC.

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