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  • Will my meat arrive fresh or frozen?
    This can vary depending on stock levels. Certain items for us need to be frozento ensure we have the stock we need so we can fulfill your order. Part from that all but a few are all fresh.
  • If I am in isolation can you deliver?
    Yes, simply pop a note in at the checkout letting us know that you are in isolation and we will ensure that our drivers follow protocol.
  • When can I receive a delivery?
    As we have a high number of deliveries at this current time, Delivery times have been upped. So from the day you order it could take up to 4 Business days.
  • Do you have a limit on the amount of each item I can order?
    At this current time no. This may change if a high volumne of orders come in.
  • How do I add to my existing order?
    If you need to add any items to your order please send an email to Subject to stock, we will do everything we can to add items to your order.
  • Can I contact you to place an order over the phone?
    Yes you can. no.01621 782759
  • Should I be stockpiling?
    Simple answer is no. No problems with supplys. Simply buy for the week ahead.
  • What if a product I want is out of stock?
    We are doing our best to ensure our most popular products remain in stock. Please bear with us, and keep checking back on the website for the latest stock availability. Please do not contact us to ask for stock updates as the team will be unable to provide this information.
  • How much should I be ordering?
    If you are in self isolation enough food to last two weeks is suggested. We can always deliver again to top you up at a later date if you should need to. We are doing our best to avoid large spikes in our supply chain.
  • How do I set up a regular order?
    You can set up a regular order by placing orders as usual through our website. These will need to be completed one by one. However we have added our meat packs to ensure you buy a good selection at the click off a button.
  • Can I order for a vulnerable friend or relative?
    Of course, that is no problem at all, simply add their delivery address in at the checkout and pop a note in to tell us anything we may need to know about them i.e if they are in isolation or need support carrying their box in.


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