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Edward Hull, together with his wife Ann and other family members, run their farm near our abattoir. All the family get involved, including his children! They farm sheep, cattle and cereal crops.


The beef cow suckler herd are calving all year round, supplying us with prime beef cattle. Sheep and cattle are grazed on conservation grassland and salt marshes in Essex and Edward’s father, David’s, farm in Suffolk.


Saltmarsh lambs have a distinct flavour and are very popular with many of our customers.



Ray, along with his wife Kay, started up Sunnyside Farm 47 years ago. They specialise in Sussex cattle which are Ray’s personal favourite! They have a herd of around 180-200 cattle at a time meaning this is a round-the-clock operation.

Their son Roo is also part of the small team, assisting with the haulage and general day to day running of the farm.

The cattle are grazed on the beautiful Kent countryside for around 6-8 months and then brought inside to be fed maize and concentrate; this will ensure consistent flavour and quality beef, something the Thornbys are proud of!!

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Jimmy Butler, with the support of his wife Pauline, took the concept of free range pig farming and made it into a business.


A Blythburgh pig is born in a straw filled farrowing hut located on the sandy earth of the Suffolk heritage coast. Its’ mother has a free range life style with the choice of being outside if it is sunbathing weather or staying inside if it’s raining. Free range is as simple as that really, it’s giving the pig the freedom to choose whether to go outside.


Blythburgh pigs remain on the farm until they are 25 to 26 weeks old. This extra time allows a flavour and succulence to develop within the meat that is not found in today’s intensively reared pork. The natural balanced approach to growth of Blythburgh Free Range Pork gives an enriched cooking and eating experience.

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